Why Choose Sharon Felton?

“As a life-long resident of Virginia Beach, having gone through Virginia Beach Schools, as well as my children and currently my grandchildren, I am dedicated to the success of the school system. During my successful tenure as a school board member, I have worked tirelessly on the issues most relevant to students, teachers, and parents such as safer schools, equity in education, educator compensation, and much more. I know the day-to-day functions of a school system, what it takes to “get things done”, and how to communicate this information to stakeholders. Ultimately, I stand apart because I understand the needs of our students and families, and I stand ready to meet those needs today, tomorrow, and in the future. Stand with me.”

- Sharon R. Felton

Our Students

Sharon's ultimate goal is providing our students with a Quality, Equitable Educational Experience, in a safe environment that prepares them for a career path of their choice upon graduation.

Rewarding and Respecting Our
Teachers and Support Staff

Sharon will continue to take a leadership role in the efforts to see that our teachers and support staff are rewarded and respected, every single day. A good teacher can be very influential in the life of a child. Support staff contribute to the overall educational environment, which is a key element in the learning process. The Virginia Beach School system is amongst the best in the Commonwealth; the country. It is important that we recruit and retain the best of the best when it comes to teachers and support staff.

Our Community

Sharon is committed to Engaging the Community/Stakeholders, and Remaining a Transparent Servant-Leader